May I Introduce...

I realized recently that Vanilla Bean has been up and running for three years now and I haven't properly introduced my girls to you. Bad momma!

Like most people, our dogs are our babies. They have personalities all their own. They are usually a pain in the rear...but I can't image the Vanilla Bean house without them.

So...without further adieu, I would like you to meet:

Name: Allie (short for Alberta after Albert Pujols)
Nicknames: Beaner, Beaner Butt, A, Scarface
Family Rank: Older sister and Momma's first baby
Known for: giving the cold shoulder, having a sensitive stomach, snatching stray socks
Likes: dancing, cleaning out my younger sister's ears, ice cubes, snuggling in bed, hunting for moles
Dislikes: car rides, when people talk about me (usually results in me giving the cold shoulder), any type of cleaning, getting brushed
If I had the run of the house during the day, I would: Lay on the couch and nap
The front door is wide open...I will: Dart out and take off running, never to be seen again
Momma's girl or Daddy's girl? Momma's girl
The vet says I: Am perfect and sweet as pie
I've been know to: Completely ignore my mom when she calls me to come inside
Favorite memories: Hanging out with Auntie Bubba and eating pizza, that time I ate three voles...and then threw up, catching turtles and trying to sneak them into the house
I like it when: Momma sings the "Allie Beaner" or "There's a Beaner in the Closet Snoopin' Around" songs to me
Someday, I hope to: Go on vacation to MN and go swimming in Big Birch Lake

Name: Marley (after Bob)
Nicknames: Marles Barkley (or just Marles), Shorty, M, Chopper, Freckles
Family Rank: Younger sister and Daddy's dog
Likes: Getting my ears cleaned out by my older sis, being the first for everything, laying in the sun, sleeping with head under the couch
Dislikes: Getting wet, getting my paws cleaned, exercise
If I had the run of the house during the day, I would: Make myself a gigantic sandwich and not share any with my sister
The front door is wide open...I will: Step outside. Notice that the grass is damp and that it is getting my feet wet. Head back inside to see if someone left food too close to the edge of a counter
Momma's girl or Daddy's girl? Momma's girl
The vet says I: Need to lose a few pounds
I've been known to: While my sister is napping, I like to plop down right on top of her and wake her up
Favorite memories: Going camping, when mom and dad adopted me, that time I ate all those raw hamburgers and mom and dad had to order a pizza
I like it when: Momma gets full at dinner and gives me her leftovers
Someday, I hope to: Rule the world

The infamous "cold shoulder"

Nightly ear cleaning routine

Waiting for Auntie Bubba to pay a visit

2007 VB Family Christmas Photo
2009 VB Family Christmas Photo

THANKS for taking the time to get to know us!

Falling Into November...

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. From apple picking to delicious squash recipes to decorating for the holidays, winter, summer and spring just don't stand a chance.

We've taken full advantage of the foliage this year...here's a quick photo recap of what we've been up to:

We took a visit to Noboleis Winery.

Stumbled upon an old barn.

And, took a hike on the Matson trail.

I hope you are enjoying the fall as much as I am!