Throwdown 2012: Jessi vs. Jeff

We've made our mark on pretty much every room in the house. Not unlike the way the dogs have...maybe with just a bit more flair. However, two rooms remain untouched: the Rocket Room and the John Lennon Room (Aptly named for the wallpaper that adorns the walls. At least that's what we tell people).

Since we both love DIY projects, are competitive, and have been known to disagree on decor, I thought a DIY Throwdown was in order.

So, while we are finalizing the rules, budget and timeframe, I thought I would introduce the contenders...


Name: Jeff (aka Mr. VB)

Favorite color:
Least favorite DIY duty: painting
How would you describe your design style? Minimalist. Mix of old and new.
What do you like most about your competitor? Not afraid to get her hands dirty. Very creative.
Competitors greatest strength: Sees the potential in everything.
Competitors greates weakness: Has been known to fizzle out on projects.
Vision for the room: Nautical-themed guest room
How do you have a leg up on the competition? My woodworking ability.
You see something in the Pottery Barn catalog that you like...what is the first thing that pops into your mind: It's over priced.

Jeff's Room (The Rocket Room):

Name: Jessi (that's me!)

Favorite color: blue
Least favorite DIY duty: tedious work
How would you describe your style? Beachy-casual
What do you like most about your competitor: We can dream together.
Competitors greatest strength: He's allowed to work with the saws and other manly tools
Competitors greatest weakness: Likes to follow the "rules" too much
Vision for the room: Inspirational craft space
How do you have a leg up on the competition? I'm on Pinterest. Enough said.
You see something in the Pottery Barn catalog that you like...what is the first thing that pops into your mind: I can make that. 

Jessi's Room (The John Lennon Room)


2011 vs. 2012: Game On!

Two posts in two days. Crazy, right? I'm really trying to Be a Better Blogger this year. I've added it to one of the four 2012 Goals lists I have (Yes...you read that right: Personal. House. Family. Creative Professional. I'll probably have another list to add by the end of this post).

I've updated our 2012 House Goals here on the blog. Let's take a closer look at what I hoped to accomplish in 2011:
Master Bedroom {paint, bedding, recover headboard}
Not bad! I accomplished all of this in 2011. I still want to redo the chair in our room and need to hang some artwork on the walls...but, it's almost complete! Score 1 for me.

Master Bathroom {paint}

Totally haven't made any progress on this. Well, almost none. Mr. VB painted the vanity. That's it. We still have to update the vanity counter and sinks, update the mirror and get rid of the hideous carpet around the tub.

Finish the Stairs {paint}
This project takes the #1 spot on the Pain in the Ass Project List. You have one of those right? We weren't happy with this when we painted it back in 2010. They look the same today. Only dirtier.

Laundry Room {paint and decorating}
Mr. VB did a great job painting this last year. He even reused the original paint we bought for our bedroom. Technically, I do have it sort of decorated. But, I want baskets. Mr. VB is resistant to baskets. Kind of like the way my dog acts when I take the vacuum cleaner out. Running away at the mere sight. I'm working on that...which is why I'm keeping this on the list.

Kitchen Pantry {paint and organizing}Probably #2 on the Pain in the Ass Project List. I've organized it. But, I want it to look like this one from House of Smiths. Obviously, I'm going to need Mr. VB to be embracing the Basket Revolution to scratch this off the list. I'll get to this after the Laundry Room reno.
Front Door {paint and add numbers}
So, we've got the front door painted. Bright red as a matter of fact. Just need to get some numbers on it!

We have our work cut out for each other. But, with dedication, fun and surprises along the way, I have a feeling 2012 will be a great year!


First DIY of 2012: Curtains

Well, here we are. Eighteen days into 2012. And, what do I have to show for myself? New skillz...that's what.

Sewing skillz to be exact. I've officially graduated from my no-sew phase and I have to admit: it's pretty awesome. So far I've made aprons, a market tote and living room curtains. I'll admit, there's been some bumps along the way. Like completely sewing the top of the tote shut (Couldn't even squeeze in a bottle of wine banana!). But, I'm working out the kinks and humming along just fine!

I started with some curtains for the living room. Here's a dark picture of the before (you get the idea, right?).

I bought the fabric for about $40 on clearance...I think I bought about 13 yards, which I cut into 6 panels (with some left over). I didn't do any fancy stitches...or even a top stitch, since I hadn't even learned that one yet. It was my first project. I was excited just to sew in a straight line. I sewed a hem around all sides. No grommets or tabs. Again, happy not to sew my finger to my new drapery.

Then, I ran out to Target and picked up some curtain rods and clips. Which actually was more expensive than the fabric. But, I got over it.


They definitely give the room a more warm and dressed feeling. I'm hoping to get rid of the white blinds soon. Obviously, I hadn't taken the sewing machine to the pillow in the picture yet (she's all better now, though).

Since then, I've graduated to bigger and better things. Like this:

Super cute, right? I've got my eye on a vintage grain sack to do something like this from rebeccasaix:

Baby steps, though. I did sew the first tote closed. Even Martha had to start somewhere, right?