Exciting Things on the Horizon

Working on some exciting things here...will be sharing more details soon!


Sun Porch Revamp Part 1

Spring came early this year in St. Louis. As I type this, it's in the upper 80's. Crazy! Last weekend, to get us excited to spend some time outside, we gave our sun porch a much-needed facelift. It's my favorite place to sit on weekend mornings with a cup of coffee and my Nook. And, it's the perfect spot to unwind from the day, with a glass of wine and Mr. VB.

I'm trying to find some before pics...but, here it is so far:

I just recovered cushions and pillows we already had. The blue and orange fabrics below cost $25. (The couch is from Target circa 2009).

The Missoni stripe fabric on the pillows below cost just $4! We spray painted some old white wicker furniture from my father-in-law. It turned out great and matches the couch perfectly.

We've had the bronze-colored stool for ages. I was going to sew a new cover...but, once we set it out there, we thought it looked pretty good.

{BTW...Mr. VB hates the Coca-Cola crate here. He is just humoring me for the photo.}

 The floors are also newly painted (previously stained and worn from the dogs). We are contemplating doing a stencil around the border. What do you think?

And, the curtains are painter's drop cloths! About $10 each at Home Depot for a 9x6 cloth. We used pipes and hooks for the rods and I sewed a tab in the top of each cloth to thread the pipe through. Bright orange sashes add a pop of color.

Just a few more additions (we want to make the white table top larger so we can eat out here), but we're already loving the new space.