Grandma Bernie's Chicken and Noodles

I would like to apologize. I have been teasing you all with the promise of this recipe for some time now. I've been busy. I've been lazy. I've been cold. This however, warmed me right up!

Chicken and noodles is a Christmas Eve tradition at my Grandma's house. When I moved down to St. Louis and couldn't make it back home every year, I started making it myself. There was, of course, a learning curve. The first year I used regular fettucine noodles and found that the dish multiplied...even after everyone had eaten! Grandma recommended the yolkless pasta and my multiplying problem was over.I made it again this year for Jeff's side of the family and they loved it. So much so, that they ate it all! We barely got a bowl each. And, when you only eat this once a year, you need more than that! So, here we go again.

Chicken and Noodles
by my Grandma Bernie

1 whole chicken, plus extra breast pieces
salt and pepper
chicken broth
chicken soup base

Boil chicken in a large pot of chicken broth. Add salt and pepper. Heck...toss in a bay leaf. Add chicken soup base if desired. Remove from stock and cool. Keep the stock!

1 package of yolkless noodles (I use No-Yolks)

Cook noodles in leftover chicken broth. Tear chicken into bite-size pieces. Add noodles, chicken and some broth to a large crockpot. Set on low. Add more broth as needed, so it doesn't dry out. And more pepper, too. I like mine peppery.

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