New Updates! Vanilla Bean Breaks the Silence

It's hard to believe it has been three months since we last spoke. I'm sorry for giving you the silent treatment!

How have you been?

What have you been up to?

While I haven't been blogging -- things have been busy around Vanilla Bean. Don't get me wrong...some things are still the same. Master bedroom progress has not moved since February. But, we've still been occupied with projects around the house, cooking and lounging around many other things.

Let's take a look...

 Mr. VB was busy this winter, building a bar in the basement.

It's called The Alaskan and is the new hotspot in our subdivision (as you can tell from the photo below).
It even has its own Facebook page!

He took it a step further and made his first batch of homemade brew this spring.

The first batch of Hollandbush Lager was delicious...and I am eagerly awaiting the next batch. (Once we get through the first one!)

We also kept the VB kitchen hopping. We roasted some garlic.

On Jan. 1, I started Weight Watchers in preparation for our spring vacation.
I lost 20 pounds and gained a new wardrobe!

Thank you Jennifer Hudson and Skinny Taste for the inspiration and recipes!

Then, Mr. VB and I took to the seas for a Transatlantic cruise!

I'll post more pics later, but we visited Florence, Barcelona, Pisa, the Azores, Cartegena and Saint Tropez.

We ate delicious food....

Drank unforgettable caramel macchiatos... 

Took a moment to think about all the delicious food (and wine) we were enjoying...

Then, got right back out there and had some more!

I can't wait to show you the beautiful outdoor market in Barcelona and the new outdoor project we are working on at the house. We'll talk more soon!


  1. wow the bar looks great! cant wait to see the pics of ur holiday sounds like u both had an amazing time! glad to hear ur doing fine was just here at ur blog a wk or so ago checkin to see if i had missed a blog post by chance :) nice job on loosing weight n getting a new wardrobe!

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed some time! Big doins.

  3. love love love the bar. My hubs is an obsessive home brewer.

    We also love drinking wine. Espesh in Italy. Then coming home and drinking more. And eating. Mmm eating.

  4. Jessie, you look fantastic!! Welcome back to blogging, we've missed you! That bar is seriously awesome! I can't believe you guys built that - so handy! And dying of jealousy over your European vacay. I love Barcelona, can't wait to see your pictures.

  5. You are a busy lady! We went to Barcelona on our honeymoon, GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see your bedroom when it is finished!!