Baby Steps

I've decided to take baby steps when it comes to all of the painting that needs to be done around the house. My first project was to try my hand at white washing. I plan to use this technique on the fireplace (the red bricks just aren't doing it for me). I practiced on two end tables I got for FREE from work about a month ago. They already had a weathered look, but I think the white wash cleaned them up.

To white wash, I made a 50/50 mix of water and paint. After painting a small section, I wiped off excess paint with a towel. They really soaked up the paint, so I didn't wait too long before I did this. I found the bamboo tray at a thrift store for $3, spray painted it and did a little distressing on the edges.

I've also been looking for pitchers I can paint white. When I first pulled out the guy below, Jeff was a bit worried. I was kinda sad to see these lil' guys go...

But, after a few coats of spray paint, I forgot all about them!

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  1. oo love the pitcher :) the white wash looks good on the tables :)