New blog. New beginnings. New haircut.

I know I fell off the blogging bandwagon for awhile. But, I'm back & excited to share all the new stuff that's happening at Vanilla Bean. First, I've realized there is more to life than cooking & baking. There's shopping. Decorating. Wine. Photography. Gardening. Shopping. The list goes on and on...and I plan to share it all here!

Second, don't fret...there will still be plenty of cooking going on in the VB kitchen. The kitchen will just be bigger & better. We paid no attention to our real estate agent's advice and put our house on the market. And proceeded to sell it in one day! So, I am going from a small, cramped kitchen:

(I was actually standing on the back porch for the shot above).

To this (sorry...I only have the photos I took during the inspection)

We don't close on the new place until August 26. I. Am. Counting. Down. The. Days. We are more than doubling our living space...so, until we move, I am filling my head (and my binder) with decorating ideas. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh Grats! Oh the possiblities in the new kitchen! I know how u feel about "falling" off the blogging wagon :P i have been reading everyones blogs here and there i just havent done any bloggin myself... :) Looking forward to reading whats goin on ur end whether its gardening decorating or some more fab recipes!

  2. Thanks! I blame it on the sushi recipe. It was so long and involved that I just kept putting it off. For months!