TWD: Split Level Pudding (or A Tale of Two Puddings)

"Your chocolate isn't all flowy like hers." ~ Jeff
"I know that." ~ Me
"It doesn't suck." ~ Jeff

That basically sums up this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Split Level Pudding. Thanks to Garrett of Flavor of Vanilla on the selection.

For whatever reason, I didn't wind up with two creamy layers of pudding. I ended up with more of a vanilla custard on a bed of hard chocolate. When I made this, I thought Dorie grossly underestimated the amount of chocolate pudding (ganache). The chocolate layer was only enough to fill two of my ramekins. You want something you can sink your spoon into, right? Or, in my case, something that brings your spoon to a halt.

The chocolate ganache couldn't have been easier. Boil some heavy cream. Pour over chopped bittersweet chocolate. Stir. Here it is looking all ganachey:

The vanilla layer was a bit more of a pain to produce. Am I the only one who found it a bit weird to put pudding in the food processor? Does this look appetizing?

I chilled it for 4 hours, shaved some chocolate on top, and thought, "This doesn't look too bad." However, after diving in, I found the bottom, chocolate layer was completely hard. There was no flowing of the two levels like in Dorie's photo. No creamy, silky layers I had been thinking about for the past 4 hours. I begrudgingly ate a few bites for the photo op and returned it to the fridge.


  1. :( Bummer that it didn't turn out with flowy layers. I wonder how to fix that for the next time. At least it looks good right? :)

  2. I didn't have flowy layers, either. Before I read the directions, I figured it would be a chocolate pudding level and a vanilla pudding level. My ganache was hard, too, but oh well! I ate it anyway, that's for sure.