Anniversary Trip Part III: The Final Chapter

We've got a couple more places to check-in on the anniverary trip. A recap wouldn't be complete without mentioning La Dee Marie Bed and Breakfast and LuLu's Antiques. A walking tour is in store again...with a few surprises (like how we nearly escaped death and/or getting an eye poked out at La Dee Marie). Below are some of the sights around the B and B.

Isn't that porch awesome? There was plenty of room to grab a chair, a glass of wine and just relax.

I have to step in here to mention how we escaped an early grave. Or, in the very least, an eye patch. While the room we stayed in was very quaint, there was one glaring threat: the faux crystals dangling precariously around the bed.  (See highly technical illustration below)

Feel free to insert variations of overplayed references here. Such as "If these crystals are a swingin', don't come a ringin'." It's a pickle just waiting to happen. I'm just sayin'.

Before we wrap thing up, let's stop in at LuLu's Antiques. This store had tons of great finds at even better prices. Here are a few of my faves:


  1. man i love a good rummage threw a well priced antique store! Lol those crystals are something else :)

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