Getting Ready for the Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. The crisp air. Apple picking. And, this year, a relief from the hot weather we've been having!

We have been on a home improvement hiatus lately and I am ready to get back into some projects. First on our list is the backyard. When we bought the house a year ago, it came equipped with a huge playground. Since we don't have kids and my rearend can't fit in the swing (trust me, I've tried), we decided it was time to get rid of it and turn it into an area we will use more. (Editor's note: To clear up any confusion, we got rid of the swingset)

This is what it looks like today. As you can see it is turning into the perfect place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and read the current issue of Coastal Living. Maybe toast a marshmallow or two. And, most importantly, my bum has no problem sliding into these chairs.


This weekend we will be busy making a walkway between the concrete slab near the house and our new relaxation area. I do have a highly technicall illustration of the plans I could show you, but I don't want to ruin the surprise.

1 comment:

  1. cant wait to see what it looks like! big change taking the play set away thats for sure! definately a nice spot to sit n relax and enjoy the fall evenings around that fire :)