::2011 Projects::


I don't know about you, but this full week back to work after nearly two weeks of vacation was a long one. I just tried heating up my dinner in the pantry...that's never a good sign!

Last weekend, I quietly put up the 2011 project list for around the pad. So, to really hold myself accountable, I'm calling it out right now!

*Editor's Note: This is a short list of projects -- mostly consisting of painting and decorating. I fully intend to add to the list throughout the year. Heck, I'll probably add to it every day.

To start us off:

Our Master Bedroom

I've already recovered the bench at the end of the bed. There will be more recovering and maybe even some painting this weekend! We are also talking about putting up a chair rail...you'll just have to wait and see!

Once our bedroom is finished, we'll tackle:

 The Master Bathroom

Again, this is mostly painting (gotta get rid of those hideous cabinets!) We'll also look into changing the sinks and counter top.

Then, we'll start making our way downstairs. But, we won't get too far before we hit the next project:

Finish the Stairs

This is where we left them last spring. If you recall, I came home one day from work to find that Mr. VB had ripped the carpet off of the stairs. Much taping and painting ensued. Not to mention having to fill in where the stairs didn't actually meet up with the wall. We have never been happy with the colors we chose. So, more painting is in store! Glidden is going to love us.

Certainly, after all this painting, it will be time to head to the:

Laundry Room

I'm thinking stripes. And baskets. I love baskets. {Mr. VB, on the other hand, hates them}

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to spruce this space up:

The Kitchen Pantry

Whoever said the pantry can't be super cute? Not me. I've seen some adorable ones out there...and I totally intend to copy them.

*Yet Another Editor's Note: From this photo, it would appear that we live on an assortment of vinegars and olive oil. Which we drink from martini glasses. This is not far from the truth.


  1. I laughed at the V and O comment. Imagine you sipping looking at your 2011 list.

  2. i cant wait to see what u n ur hubby get up to! Alays full of creative and great ideas :) cant wait to settle in here and hubby get a job and well bubs is born then we might start looking for a house here in australia may as well buy one here seeing we have one in the states as well lol :)

  3. lots of projects!

    can't wait to follow along with you. exciting!

  4. Great projects! I am currently working on our master bedroom and dreaming of redoing the master bath! Can't wait to see what you guys do!