Master Bedroom Update {taking my sweet time}

It's been a couple of weeks since all the smack talk I was doing about updating our bedroom. Progress is being made, my friends. I assure you. Here's a peek at what I've done so far.

I recovered the bench and the headboard (before and after pics) -- getting rid of the "leather" and replacing it with new fabric.

You are only getting a brief glimpse of the headboard because:
a) I'm going to keep you in suspense until the Big Reveal and
b) I didn't make the bed the day I took this shot.

We also started painting. This has been more difficult than I originally intended because someone, who shall remain nameless, picked a bad color and we had to go and pick a new color. OK...it was me. It happens to the best of us.

Here's a shot of the first color. It was supposed to be gray, but turned up almost light blue. And not much of a contrast from the existing color.

So, back to Home Depot to try a different color. The cashier is a cute, older gentleman who always thanks Mr. VB for bringing in his beautiful assistant (ME!!!). I might just start going there for the compliments. But, I digress.

Here we are today! Yes, I am aware only half the wall is painted. Mr. VB isn't sold on the color yet. We'll be slapping up some chair rail this weekend, and I think once that is done, the room will look alot different.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the fabric you picked out for the bench and headboard! I recently painted our master bedroom a dark gray and I love it! Can't wait to see the final reveal when you're all finished!

  2. Love it so far! Cant wait for the big reveal!! We did a storm blue for our master bedroom back in the states i loved it was a deeper grey blue and we have all dark chocolate furniture and white bits n pieces here n there :) i misses my house back in the states! Hope ur well darling!

  3. Whats the name of your color...I love it!

  4. Thanks ladies! The paint color is Natural Twine from Martha Stewart. The bottom section will be Swiss Coffee from Behr. It is one of my faves (we used it on our kitchen cabinets, in the breakfast room and dining room and misc. furniture).

  5. I have also painted my bedroom with white flooring color. I am really curious to see your reveal work. I wish that You will finish it as soon as possible.