Desk? Check!

After a week's worth of daily visits to the Goodwill and local antique stores, I finally found a desk. Err..table. But it will make a wonderful desk. The original price was $50. We got it for $40 (after tax). Not bad and it was under my $50 budget.

We spent the weekend trying to remove the paint you see below. I'm not actually sure it is paint as it wouldn't budge with the sander. I'm going to work on it some more tonight and hopefuly it will be ready this week. I can't wait to start using this room! I have an extra chair with armrests from this set that I plan to paint and distress to match.



  1. YAY! Glad u found a desk/table :) i cant wait to see how it turns out Darl!

  2. I like those legs on the desk. Can't wait to see its transformation.

  3. Thanks so much for following my blog. I will defnitely start following yours. Praying for you guys and waiting for good baby news. :)
    I love that your boy name is Cooper. Great choice!

  4. I really like this cute little desk. Looking forward to the makeover!