Home Office Inspiration

About six months ago, we moved from our starter house into our We-Aren't-moving-Again-Until-We-Retire-to-a-Tropical-Beach house. And, since it is just me, Mr. Vanilla Bean, and our dogs, Allie and Marley, we have a ton of space that is unused.

With this in mind, I bring you the sitting room. Or, library? Or, as Mr. VB just called it, "whatever the hell you want it to be." This room is never used. We don't sit in it. The only time I go in is when I am feeling ambitious enough to actually put the camera and laptop away in their proper place. Which is about once every couple of weeks.

As you can see, it opens up into our family room. Which is where we spend most of our time. Pay no attention to the camera hounds in the background. They love the limelight.

I decided to make the room into an office. With the hopes we would do all of our blogging, Facebooking, and interwebbing in it. Thus using it every day. I don't want it to look too officey. I've got some ideas here:  Houzz Ideabook.

And here:
The plan is to makeover this room on a budget. First up, find a desk or table! I would ideally not like to spend more than $50. I have been scouring local Goodwills and antique stores and have yet to find one. Hopefully I'll get lucky this weekend!


  1. thats what i did when i decided i wanted a work area up in our bed room but i didnt want a huge comp desk to take up space...i found the perfect table on craiglist! its amazing what u can find on there if priced just right! good luck :) im sure u will find the perfect table! OO Ikea has some nce tables as well i luv their clearance section for pieces that have a couple bangs n scratches on em and u get em at fab prices!

  2. Kira-I WISH Ikea was closer...I think the closest to me is 5 hours away. I have been hesitant to try craigslist, but always hear great stories. I think I'll give it a shot since I am not finding anything. I've been thinking of a table as a desk, too.