Week in Review

It has been a pretty busy week here as I have been gearing up for a fund raising event on Monday. As stressful as work has been, there have been some highlights. So, to show my readers that I haven't been trapped in the office all week, I thought I would give you a week in review:

On Saturday, we picked up a bunch of new flowers and plants for the front yard.


And turned this

Into this! I can't wait until the plants get bigger
. We needed some color in the front.

I've been craving Greek food lately, so we tried a new recipe for pork souvlaki and tzatziki.
It was awesome and so easy...I promise to post it soon!
And it pairs nicely with champagne ;-)

On Sunday, I  moved this basket from the porch to the fireplace.
And hung a little starfish on the front. Just a touch of beachy never hurt anybody ;-)

On Tuesday, I rearranged the mantel about 30 times and finally settled on this.

Today, my favorite girls were waiting for me when I came home...

And then I walked out in the backyard to see a beautiful rainbow!

Not too shabby for such a crazy week!


  1. Gorgeous yard! Do you want to come be my gardener?

  2. That really is a gorgeous rainbow! Thanks for sharing.