A Coastal Christmas

Since we are stuck live in St. Louis, the chances of us having a coastal Christmas are slim. So, I decided to bring the sea to us this year!
First, I headed to Hobby Lobby and bought this bag of shells. And, using my 40% off coupon, I got the bag for $6 instead of $10. Making this a Thrifty Coastal Christmas.

Next, I put Mr. VB to work and had him drill small holes in each shell. He took it upon himself to tie some hemp string to each shell. He's turning into a little crafter before my very eyes.

Extra shells are mixed with pine cones (left over from last year) and garland (I got 30 ft. for $10 at Home Depot) in with the decor throughout the house. On the mantle...


In the dining room...

And, in the breakfast room.


I think the tree is missing something...so, in my eyes it isn't done yet. Yes, I understand that The Big Guy comes next week. Knowing me, I'll probably be adding the finishing touch on Christmas Eve.

But, by the looks of it, others in the VB household think it is just fine the way it is.

See the larger shells placed on the tree skirt? Well, that was Jeff's idea. "It looks like they are laying in sand...like a beach," he said. I've got to keep my eye on him...I fear there may be a Vanilla Bean takeover any day.

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  1. LOVE your chrissy decor darl! Love the shells youve turned into ornaments! Hope you had a lovely christmas and santa baught u some nice things :)