Top 5 Recipes from 2010

I can't neglect the Vanilla Bean kitchen in my year-end round-ups. So, here is my top five recipes from 2010. I did alot more projects around the house than time in the kitchen...I'll work on that for 2011!

5. I started the summer with big dreams. "I'll write a Burger of the Week series," I said. Well, that lasted about three weeks...four at best. This was one of my faves from the series (can it even be called that?). Mostly because I was contemplating renaming the blog Vanilla Beef. I crack myself up sometimes.

4. I know it is the end of December, but, this little guy is so cute...it makes me puke. I could just gobble him up. If only I didn't have 4 pounds of chocolate sitting in the kitchen.

3. I must have a gazillion recipes for fish tacos -- all sitting unused. I finally took the plunge and made this recipe. It's quick and easy. And tasty.

2. Paella is a favorite in the VB kitchen. It makes a great "date night" dinner. This recipe from Rachael Ray subs pasta in for the rice and it is still to-die-for. You can quote me on that.

1. I know I just mentioned this recipe to you yesterday, but I can't say it enough. If you like scallops, you will love this. If you hate scallops and like candy, you'll still love it. We made this last year for NYE and we'll be having it again this year.

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