Why I'm going with feedly

In less than one month (July 1 to be exact), Google Reader will be retiring. Worried about how I would still stay connected to all of my favorite blogs and sites once it went down, I came across feedly in my research. It's being billed as the top go-to for Google Reader users. I signed up for it last week. I'm still kicking the tires, but so far, I'm loving it. Here's why:

It's easy to get started

Transferring my current reading list from Google Reader to feedly was simple. Upon signing up, feedly automatically asked if I had Google Reader feeds I wanted to import. With just a couple short clicks, it brought over all of my beloved blogs and daily reads. It also brings over tags and favorites.


feedly looks great

It's more visually appealing. I'm loving the different layout options (like magazine, cards and full article views) and bright pics it pulls from the blog posts.

feedly views include magazine, cards, full article and list.


Add new blogs in a click

Come across a new blog you want to follow? When you are on a website that feedly recognizes has a blog, a small feedly logo appears in the bottom right of your screen. Just click on that and you can easily add the blog feed to your feedly.

Easily add new blogs to your feed.

Stylize/use feedly to your tastes

 feedly lets you add categories, bookmark posts to read later, and share posts/ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also bring in your Twitter and Facebook pages feed to see what's going on there --- all on your feedly page.

If there are other feedly users out there, I would love to hear your faves about it. If not, what do you plan to do when Google Reader goes down?

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  1. The Feedly Web app is great, but I don't really like the Android app. I use gReader on Android, which is going to be plugged in to the Feedly Normandy back end when Google Reader closes.