Dining Room Goes Green

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I thought I would paint our Dining Room green. How's that for holiday spirit? Technically, it is Glidden's Forest Khaki....really just a hint of green. Here is a before:

And the after with the new paint and chair rail:

Pay no attention to the white papers on the table. Just messing around with the white balance on the camera. Also, don't look at the chair covers. Because of my recent pillow addiction, I have been banned from the fabric store. True story.

I'm not quite happy with the rug, but it will do for now. We are also planning on replacing the light fixture. I have my eye on this guy:

It's not in the budget right now...but someday it will be mine. Until the, we will be spray painting the current one black.

Now, also in honor of the holiday, I will drink a glass of wine. Cheers!


  1. how beautiful!!!
    that is my moms kitchen color!!
    it looks fabulous!!!

  2. I love the colour! Gorgeous.

    Loving the someday light fixture too!

  3. Very nice! Gorgeous color, gorgeous wainscoting...all around gorgeous.

  4. I am leaning toward green tones too. The chair rail looks great!!!!

  5. It is a lovely colour, and I like your room. The table is very special.