Home Office/Study Reveal

I feel like putting my hands up in the air, twirling around, and saying, "Ta Da!" I am so happy to have a little desk/blogging area. So much more comfy than sitting at the counter every night. Here are the before pics.

As with everything, I'm sure I will have some tweaks as time goes by. We are thinking of adding some more pics above the desk. Also, I really would like to have the printer nearby, but we don't want it out for all to see. I'm working on a clever way to hide it.

All of the photos were taken by us. I'm big on artwork actually having meaning. So, all photos or artwork we have on the walls was either done by us or purchased on a special trip and brings back memories.

Here is a close-up of the edges. After I distressed the table, I went back with a Q-tip and stain to bring out the brown a bit more.


I think the crack adds some character to the table.



My thrift store magazine rack.


I was super lazy with the chair this time around. I didn't sand off any of the paint (there is a coat of black and yellow under this). It took about 4 coats of white to cover. I like how the black and yellow come through, though.




My little striped pillow keeps jumping around...I think he likes it in this room, better.



This table was another thrift store find. Painted and sanded to match the other pieces. Mr. VB says I've reached the shabby quota in this room.


The shelves are constantly changing...here is what they looked like this morning.




  1. LOVE IT! Looks awesome darl! :) I have stopped doing stuff like this around our place now wich i hate cuz btw cooking and decorating the house im in my happy zone :) no point in doin home decorating anymore with the house being up for sale and me going threw room by room trying to figure out what to keep and ship to australia what to donate and what to sell!

  2. The desk fits perfectly. I like the different pieces in the room as it's pulled together nicely. A little shabby, a little not. I found a new trick with books lately...I lay some on their sides too to add different heights to the stuff on the shelves. Love the room. Great job,

    PS I am with you about photos and art. Right now the only art on my walls is family photos and mirrors. Some reason that is what I am drawn to lately.

  3. Beautiful! Gosh, I love your blog. It takes me to a happy place! :)