Plan B: Chair Rail

Since my flash of inspiration nearly a month ago, I realized that board and batten in our house, at this time, probably wouldn't work. Mainly, because of this:

All of the trim in our house is stained. And, I'm not about to start painting it all white. Also, the top of these boards are so narrow, it would be impossible to have the vertical board and batten transition into them. And look good.

So, on to Plan B. Chair rail.

We picked up enough for the dining room and breakfast room. We found this at Home Depot for about $5.45 for a 7-foot section. Under $60 for the project...not bad! We started in the breakfast room.

The corners and nail holes were filled with wood filler.

And this is the end result!



It was exactly what this wall and room needed! What do you think?


  1. OH i LOVE it! Yes your right its exactly what the room needed! Love it Darl looks fantastic! The room should be pictured in a home decor mag! If you havent already im having a giveaway darl get in the chance to win yourself a brand new Estilo Spring Kitchen Scale i know you love to cook :)

  2. Looks great-breaks up the wall nicely-how much does your handy man charge-per hour or per job?

  3. Hey there. Thanks for the comment. BTW, I'm an interior designer and I love your blog for that! We've been rehabbing our new home and I will put some pictures up, before and afters. I have read a little on pcos and low carb. Do you have something interesting on it? Thanks!

  4. Breaks up the space nicely and puts a nice finishing touch on the space.

  5. It looks really pretty. I think it breaks it up in just the right way. Beautiful room.