I've Made a Huge Mistake

"Are you happy you did this?"-Me

"I'm not sure."-Mr. VB 

"Maybe we shouldn't have done this right now." -Me

"It will be alright...don't worry."
-Mr. VB

"Who is going to pull out all those staples?" -


  1. Your stairs are going to look really great. Oh, I really really want to do that. My worries are that our 11 year old builder home has really cheap wood underneath. Also, the stairs are full carpeted, right up to the spindles. I may try 4 on the way to the basement first to take a peek.

  2. No way. Keep going. This is the scary part, but I know you'll end up loving it.

  3. Good for you for going for it. It is going to be beautiful, exhausting, but beautiful.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Elizabeth: we have spindles, too. The carpet was cut right around them, so it was easy to take off. Our problem is that the stairs don't go all the way to the walls!

  5. OH boy this brings bac memories....this is what i did to our stairs leading to the 2 "master" bedrooms upstairs....mid summer...no AC...it was NOT fun...the guys came home and almost had a heart attack when they seen what i had done....It took me 3 wks to pull up all the staples.....and the boys took forever to patch up the gaps we could see the garage and actually hand things to n from the awful gaps we had...we still never finished them off fully we patched and fixed this summer we were goin to prime paint and stain...not anymore..next house i guess! Good luck darl im sure it will look amazin as always!

  6. I know....pulling the nails/staples is a bummer but it is going to look fantastic!!

    just found your blog & looking forward to checking out all your projects!

    Be sure to stop by to see my final bedroom reveal and enter my fabulous jeanne d'arc giveaway!!


    p.s. my stairs look the exact same way right now...we are ready to install new wood this week....:) we'll have to check in w/ each other to see what we do!!

  7. I am seriously laughing out loud. It's like listening to home movies! Nice to meet a fellow DIYer/blogger! Come see me! ~LaurieAnna