Stair Progress

Today is my Friday. Don't you just love it? My extended weekend will be spent finishing up the stairs. Up until this point, Mr. VB has done a majority of the work. I feel like my time has come.

You may have noticed in the pic I posted last week that the stairs don't go all the way to the wall and that there are gaps. Which would have been nice to know before the carpet was ripped off. Also, this was supposed to be a cheap project. Putting new treads on all the stairs definitely would have blown the budget. And wouldn't have solved the fact that the risers also had gaps at the walls.

The solution: a small piece of thin trim was added to all the risers. Calk was used to fill in the gaps on the treads.

While the solution isn't perfect...I think it will work. Our plan is to paint the risers white (as seen above) and the treads the same color as our study (as seen above). Hopefully I'll have finished pics to show you soon!


  1. good stuff! doesnt matter what u guys do it always turns out fab!

  2. The progress is coming along and I think it looks SUPER. I like the color choices.

  3. this looks great! I can't wait to see the finished project. Just to let you know, I tagged you in one of my blog entries that is set to post tomorrow if you're interested!